SPECIAL EXERCISES for the maximum development of force and speed of blows hands, and also for increases of endurance and effective strengthening of shock surfaces!
"Want to have a VERY fast and
punches, and excellent endurance
and strong fists?"

You want to have a POWERFUL knockout punch that will send to knockout ANY opponent, regardless of his weight, height or complexion?!

You want to develop strength, speed and accuracy of their punches?! To get Your beats were much stronger, faster and more accurate than the blows of Your opponents?

You want to SIGNIFICANTLY increase the special "shock" endurance and cause strong punches during the ENTIRE fight, without much fatigue?!

You want to have a really STRONG fists -
when Your punch broke the jaw of the opponent
and not Your hand?!



You have a strong punch?

If Your answer is «YES!» You've come to the right place! On this page You will learn how to ensure all of the above! Be sure to read up this text up to the end to get all the details!

If Your answer is «NO!» and You are sure that You have a good punch, then let's check it out! Take an ordinary sheet of A4 paper and ask someone to hold it with one hand. If You have a really nice punch, You can punch the paper its punch!

It looks as follows
(click on video to view):

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If You can easily cope with this task, then You can either close this page (because You have a really SHARP, STRONG and JUST PERFECTLY DELIVERED PUNCH), or read on to learn how to make Your punch faster, stronger and more ACCURATE!

If You could NOT cope with the task, then You are STRONGLY advised to read this text until the end, if You really want to have incredibly powerful KNOCKOUT punch!

I will help You make the punches really strong and fast, muscles (for strikes) is a tough, fists – very strong!

Alexander Litvinenko

My name is Alexander Litvinenko. I am the master of sports of international class, six-time champion of Ukraine, European champion and World pin types of martial arts (karate, kick-Boxing, jujitsu, Tae Kwon do)!

I've often fought on the Mat and the ring. From 1993 to 2004, I participated in the 31 tournament, had 85 fights. 75 fights I've won! This is the number of official fights. The same was even different kind of match meetings and "walk-through" fights between fighters of different fighting clubs. Many fights I won due fast, strong and accurate punches!

In addition, I am officially a 2-fold champion of the Ukrainian book of records by breaking solid objects with his hands!

Few people know that since childhood I was NOT power and speed. As a child I was quite a sickly child. But thanks to the constant work on yourself, I am on a personal example proves that NOT even a gifted person can achieve PHENOMENAL results in improving your body and spirit, if he really wants it! You will also be able to do it!

As a proof - view a short video about me:
(click on video to view)

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Without false modesty to say that I KNOW EXACTLY HOW to make Your punches were incredibly powerful and very fast, and Your fists become stronger boards and bricks!

All my secrets on how to be STRONGER, FASTER and TOUGHER than any opponent (as in the ring and in a street fight), I set out in my training course. It's called:

for the maximum development 
of force and speed of punches, 
and also for increases of endurance and 
effective strengthening of shock surfaces!"

SPECIAL EXERCISES for the maximum development of force and speed of punches, and also for increases of endurance and effective strengthening of shock surfaces!

The purpose of this training is reflected in its name. This course will help You to make your punches strong and fast. In addition, Your fists will become incredibly strong!

All training lessons are in video format. You can study the course materials on your computer, tablet or even on your smartphone. Brand anytime and anywhere (very convenient)!

Let's see what lessons
are contained in this video course:

1. Introduction:

There is a greeting of the author and describes what awaits You in this video course. This is a small introductory video, which we'll begin studying the following lessons of the course.

2. How to use this videocourse:

This video explains who is this course for? To whom it will be useful? And also, how to use the lessons to build a competent training process and achieve maximum results (in the development of strength, speed, endurance, etc.)!

3. STRENGTHENING fists and other
hands percussion surfaces:

This lesson is devoted to the effective strengthening of the wrists and hands, fingers, as well as proper strengthening of the fists and other impact surfaces of the hands for their full use in different combat situations.

That is very important: the lesson provides tips for those who have no training! Explains how the newcomers to perform complex (but effective) exercises, gradually increasing their complexity.

In addition, shows a special warm-up warm-up fists, hands, fingers and wrists. And, as you know, the better it will be pre workout, the better and more efficiently will be basic training. Special warm-up helps avoid unpleasant injuries that permanently recline you back in the training process.

The exercises in this group will be useful to all fighters who use punches and ALL athletes who want to have a very strong and hardy hands (wrestlers, climbers, acrobats, etc.).

4. Strength training (hands, forearms):

In this lesson you'll learn strength exercises to strengthen hands and forearms. The exercises in this group will allow You to strengthen the wrists (and forearms), as well as to develop coordination of movements and reaction speed.

This is very useful in both combat and in everyday situations (for example, when You respond quickly to a sudden danger to avoid serious injury).

Part of these exercises is aimed at developing reflex maximum grip of the fist in the final phase of the strike. This allows you to maximize the punch and avoid serious injury when applying any punches.

5. Increase in FORCE, SPEED and ENDURANCE:

This lesson focuses on maximizing power, accuracy and speed in ALL punches, and also to improve the response and development of special endurance "shock" the muscles of the hands.

This is a very important lesson, which contains a lot of very different (and very effective) exercises for training alone, and training in tandem with a partner.

In addition to developing strength, speed and precision punches, the exercises of this lesson will teach You to keep hands near the jaw. It is very important for any fighter, if he wants to achieve really good results in "impact" sports (Boxing, kick-Boxing, Muay Thai, etc.). Habit of keeping hands of the jaw will allow you not to miss strong blows to the head. In addition, in the same boxing, in an equal fight, the judges usually give the victory to the boxer who had his hands at the jaw!

You will also learn a great exercise that will help You considerably develop speed of reaction, and also get rid of the troublesome spasmodic action (and closing eyes) during the attacks the opponent or his fighting tricks!

6. Working off of mechanics of CORRECT PUNCHES:

This lesson will explain the "mechanics" as strong and technically correct punches (which are applied to short trajectories). The secret is that without the proper attachment of body weight into the punch, it will not be really powerful.

This is a very important video! Exercises of this lesson will allow You to understand what muscles make your punch really strong!

7. ADDITIONAL special exercises:

In this lesson, you are given an extra SPECIAL exercises for development of speed and fighting endurance, strengthening the "impact" surfaces of the hands, as well as for the development of the explosive power of Your hands, which is extremely important for the application of a strong and sudden punches!

Exercises of this group very effectively train your chest muscles, triceps, biceps, forearms and back (to cause the greatest strong and fast punches without much fatigue)!

In addition, this lesson gives a few unusual exercises for the development and strengthening of the vestibular apparatus. This is very useful for combat and extreme situations, and will also help You to overcome "motion sickness" (motion sickness in transport, water, etc.).

8. Conclusion:

This video provides the final advice and recommendations of the author to all who choose to seriously engage on this video course. Of course, this also applies to You if You are seriously focused to make your punches very fast and incredibly powerful (really a knockout)!

In this video course contains more than a 100 of exercises (and many variations) for maximum development of strength, speed and accuracy of punches, a substantial increase in special combat endurance, as well as the effective strengthening of the kulaks and other "shock" surfaces of the hands, which can be used effectively in various combat situations (especially in a street fight).

All lessons of the course is presented in video format (HD). You will be able to watch them on YouTube (absolutely anywhere and on any device - PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.). If necessary, You can download lessons to your computer.

In addition, all video embedded subtitles, which will allow You to learn the lessons of the course without sound (if necessary).

The total duration of the lessons is almost THREE hours! The information in the course is presented in a VERY condensed form (everything is clear, detailed and to the point)! You don't have to spend a few days (or even weeks) for careful study video course! You will be able to study all the lessons in one evening, and immediately begin to work on strength and speed of his punches. In fact, You will be able to start training IMMEDIATELY after the course (or even during the study)!

Many of the exercises of the course can be used in ANY environment: at home, outdoors, in the woods, on the sports Playground, in the gym or even at work (and this is no joke and no exaggeration)! You can do the training lessons almost anywhere and anytime (even walking the dog). Of course, in this case we are talking about some of the exercises, but their variety will allow You to train even in the most limited or cramped conditions. This point is particularly important when You are, say, on a business trip or an extended trip (away from gym).

In the lessons explained in detail the PROPER technique of each exercise, and provides specific recommendations for their effective usage (time, number of repetitions, etc.). You will know EXACTLY HOW to train with each exercise. This is very important!

SPECIAL EXERCISES for the maximum development of force and speed of punches, and also for increases of endurance and effective strengthening of shock surfaces!

Who needs this course (and why)?

This video course will help the Amateur athletes and professional athletes (in the martial arts and any other sports). As well as useful to coaches of all categories!

Athletes can use video course to maximize personal performance power, speed and precision punches, for the development of special combat endurance, while also effectively strengthening the impact surfaces of the hands (to prevent various injuries in fighting or in training).

Sports coaches and trainers can use this video course to accomplish all of the above results among the sportsmen-students (especially those who do not have strong and rapid punches). The lessons of the course will be useful for diversity and enhancing the effectiveness of the entire training process in the gym where you are training. Every coach can take from the course the necessary set of exercises and to convert the gym under the effective use of selected exercises (depending on the specific conditions of a gym).

This video course course will be useful to representatives of ALL martial arts that use punches (Boxing, kick-Boxing, Muay Thai, karate, wing Chun, MMA, etc.). In addition, many of the exercises will be useful for wrestlers, climbers, "bar-man", as well as athletes involved in parkour, wrestling and any other sport where one way or another need a strong and tough hands!

The exercises of the course will be useful to professional fighters (and many athletes), and everyone who trains on their own (for themselves), but nevertheless wants to have a powerful knockout punch, strong arms and strong fists, which are VERY useful in any fight (in sports and on the street)!

Let's see what great results
You will achieve through
this video course:

You will raise the force of ALL punches (straight punch, side punch, uppercut and others)! If earlier it was difficult to send the rival to a knockout or even a knockdown, but now it will happen more and more often! Now at the right time, You will be able a strong punch to quickly send the opponent in a deep knockout!

ALL Your punches will be very fast (in addition to the increase in power)! Speed is a quality that is sometimes much more important than a strong punch (or great art). High speed punch and excellent reaction will help You to become better than ANY opponent that is at least a little bit slower than You! Speed will allow You to create these "miracles" in the fight!

You will become much tougher than other fighters! You will be able to use the strongest single kicks (and punch combinations), without much fatigue! Many great fighters, if they don't win in the beginning of the fight, they lose at the end of the fight due to poor stamina. From now on You will be able to fight at full strength, absolutely not worrying about how You are tired!

You will be able to strengthen the fists (and other impact of the surface), turning them into real weapons, which is VERY useful to You in any fight (in sports and on the street)! Now You're not going to limit the power of their punch, due to weak fists! You can cause much more damage to the opponent in a fight without damaging your hands!

Your muscles will become attractive! Will go the extra pounds (as you know, "fight" training is more effective than fitness). You will have the relief of a fighter (will be the beautiful arms, abs and shoulders). This immediately attracts the attention of the opposite sex! This is another nice "bonus" for those who begin to train seriously on the lessons of the course.

Now Your fight will turn into a real show (for spectators, and for You too)! Now You will have a huge confidence in their abilities, and battle excitement (and an overwhelming desire to finish the fight beautifully, ahead of schedule, and knockouts)! From now on, You will be easy and even fun to fight!

You will keep the hands near the jaw and will not miss the punches (to the head) due to the fact that your hands go down. This is especially important in big fights with experienced opponents, who immediately put the punch in the jaw as soon as Your hand is a little fall down!

* You will keep the hands and jaws not to miss strong blows to the head (which can have extremely grave consequences).

In difficult fights with fast or skilled opponent, You will always have the "trump card" in the form of a powerful knockout punch! Many examples, when a boxer-puncher seemed to be lost for the entire fight but once the enemy a little relaxed and made a mistake, he immediately appeared in a deep knockout. A powerful punch is a truly formidable weapon in the hands of any fighter!

You will become confident in their abilities (as in sports combat and in a fight on the street)! Even if You are approached by several bullies, You won't doubt - to fight them or not? Now You will be 100% confident in himself and in his powerful punch that will send in a knockout of any bully!

You can become a really GREAT FIGHTER with good speed, reaction, and strong, fast, accurate, and hard punch (with both hands)! You will be able to possess the fighting qualities, which are peculiar to only good fighters (with more experience).

You will now win prestigious tournaments and competitions, winning all those titles and the title of a true champion, which You so long dreamed of!

You reach your full potential of a true fighter and will be able to prove to themselves and others (who didn't believe in You) that actually You are a great fighter and capable of serious fights and big wins! Now many believe in your fighting talent!

If You wanted to become CHAMPION, then this course will help You discover the most Your hidden potential and achieve their long cherished DREAMS!


"Now everything depends on You!"

Do you want to have incredibly strong hands,
powerful and fast punches?!

Do you want to be much more powerful, faster
and tougher than their rivals in the fight?!

Do you want to have a crushing knockout punch
(with both hands) and very strong fists?!

* If Your answer is "YES!"
then do not delay your decision
and ACT NOW!

SPECIAL EXERCISES for the maximum development of force and speed of punches, and also for increases of endurance and effective strengthening of shock surfaces!

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"See you in the lessons of this video course!"

Sincerely, Alexander Litvinenko.

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